Capella Alliance

Leverage AI to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth

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Power Your Progress!

Leverage Nisum as your global IT services platform to grow your customers.

Unlock New Opportunities with AI-Powered Collaborative Engagements

Collaborate to Win

Partner with specialists to solve customer challenges using AI.

Innovate Together

Create groundbreaking new businesses and markets.

Expand Markets

Bring cutting-edge AI technologies, products, and services to new and existing customers

What is Capella Alliance?

Nisum’s Capella Alliance is a dynamic network of industry leaders and experts united by a common goal – driving revenue growth, innovation, and excellence in the tech landscape.

With Nisum’s delivery footprint across nine global economies, our members join forces on innovative projects, unlocking opportunities with new and current clients.

Capella cultivates a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem, creating new service areas, extending customer life, fostering innovation, driving revenue growth, and expanding addressable markets.

Our members, spanning diverse domains, collaboratively shape the future through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge technologies, and shared expertise.

Who can join ?

Capella Alliance is open and invites a diverse array of potential members. We welcome those who aspire to unlocking fresh revenue streams, and co-creating innovative solutions. Embrace the opportunity to shape the future of technology and business with us. 

"Think of it as an Airline Alliance, but tailored for Technology Companies."
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Are you an Entrepreneur, Startup, SMB?

Empowering entrepreneurs, tech startups; partnership for unparalleled success

Are you a Business Management Consultant?

Excellence in innovation, unleash new opportunities, collaboration for mutual success.

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Do you offer IT Solutions and services?

Elevate your business, unlock new horizons, embrace IT success.

Are you a Subject Matter Expert?

Thrive together, unlock growth, explore new avenues, earn commissions.

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Are you a Sales, Marketing Specialist?

Collaborative journey, create income, impact, endless possibilities await.

Are you a Reseller, Integrator, agency?

Where possibilities meet, explore new opportunities, embark on success.


Express Your Interest

Fill out a simple expression of interest form, and our team will reach out to you.


Qualification and Approval

Our team will guide you through pre-qualification, approval, and agreement.


Embark on The Journey

We'll swiftly initiate onboarding to explore exciting opportunities with Capella Alliance.

How will it work for me?


Collaborative Partnership

Nisum Delivers With You

  • Establish a collaborative delivery team.
  • Share both risk and reward.
  • Capella PMO ensures efficient project orchestration.

Goal-Oriented Engagement

Nisum Delivers for you

  • Let Nisum deliver on your behalf.
  • Receive a fixed referral fee for your participation.
  • Leverage Capella PMO for streamlined project management.

Key Benefits

Access to New Markets and Customers

Capella Alliances will open up opportunities to reach new customer segments without the need for significant investment. By leveraging the established presence and relationships of alliance members, companies can quickly expand their market footprint

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Cost Efficiency and Risk Sharing

Share the costs and risks associated with new business growth, market entry and projects delivery . By collaborating within the Capella Alliance, reduce financial burden and mitigate risks, ensuring sustainable growth

Increased Competitive Advantage

Joining forces strengthens market position and competitive edge. Capella Alliance collaboration fosters innovation, allowing members to pool expertise and develop cutting-edge solutions, outperforming competitors and accelerating time-to-market

Explore New Revenue Avenues

Co-create success with Capella Alliance. Access untapped markets and unlock fresh revenue streams.

Why Join?

Win more customers with the Capella Alliance.

Our portfolio of experienced technology resources, and industry-leading solutions, will help you grow faster

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Elevate Your AI & ML Initiatives

Are you missing out on AI & ML opportunities due to a skills gap?

Nisum is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of transformative technologies.

Our expertise in AI & ML, coupled with a network of seasoned professionals, empowers you to take on innovative projects with confidence.

From strategic planning to flawless execution, Nisum ensures you have the right support to make the most of AI & ML opportunities. Let’s propel your business forward, together.

The Nisum Advantage



Enhanced Innovation and Expertise. Drive cutting-edge AI solutions and innovation


Custom Development

Tailored Solutions. Meet unique business needs with customized development.


DevOps Support

Improved Operational Efficiency. Streamline processes for faster time-to-market


Testing & QA

Top-Quality Assurance. Ensure products meet the highest standards with robust testing


Insights & Analytics

Accelerated Learning and Growth. Make informed decisions with advanced analytics.


Cloud services

Increased Competitive Advantage. Optimize infrastructure for a stronger market position

Global team

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Delivery Guaranteed

Discover New Horizons

Be part of Capella for innovation, collaboration, and success.

Tools & Technologies

Solutions Tailored to Your Challenges

Overcome Project Delivery Challenges, Achieve Your Goals

Fill Your IT Resourcing Gaps With Top Experts

Keep projects on track with a complete team. Access top IT talent globally through our extensive delivery platform.

Speed Up Delivery, And Reduce Time To Market

Accelerate time-to-market with Capella. Optimize resources and ensure timely project delivery.

Gain Time To Focus On Your Core Business Growth

Stay focused on your core business. Let the Nisum Capella team deliver for you.

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Technical Excellence Guaranteed

Join the Capella Alliance Network

Become a member and tap into exclusive opportunities. Elevate your business with Capella’s strategic collaboration.