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Reseller, Integrator, Agency

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Reseller, Integrator, Agency

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Look no further than Capella Alliance Program!
We’re excited to introduce you to a world of growth and collaboration.
Discover what sets our program apart and how it can benefit your organization. Explore the program overview now, and let’s discuss how we can grow together.

Why Partner with Capella as Reseller, Integrator, Or Agency?

Referral Commissions

Secure generous referral commissions by participating in our program, adding a lucrative revenue stream to your business.

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Value-Added Services

Enhance your service portfolio by collaborating with Capella on cutting-edge technologies, adding exceptional value to your existing and new client relationships.

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Exclusive Collaborative Opportunities

Join a network of technology consulting firms, business advisors, and management consultants. Capitalize on collaborative projects and broaden your reach.

Co-Branded Marketing Initiatives

Benefit from co-branded marketing efforts that boost your market presence, attract a broader audience, and showcase your firm's association with a technology leader.

The fundamental principle is, that by collaborating, the involved parties can achieve more collectively, than they would independently.

What We Offer to Reseller, Integrator, Or Agency?

Revenue Growth

Secure additional revenue streams through referral commissions, transforming your business model and financial outlook.

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Client Value Enhancement

Offer your clients enhanced value by tapping into Capella's technological expertise and collaborative solutions, strengthening client relationships.

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Diversification of Services

Diversify your service offerings by participating in projects that leverage cutting-edge technologies, staying ahead in a competitive market.

Global Collaboration

Collaborate on international projects, extending your firm's global footprint and providing diverse solutions to your clients.

Here's why Capella stands out

Our mission is simple yet profound: To harness the power of Nisum as a platform of technology resources, and mutual collaboration and to propel our businesses to new heights.

With global development centers across four continents, we possess unrivaled strength in executing and delivering software development and support projects on time, every time.

Nisum thrives on innovation. We excel in various technology domains like AI/ML, Data Analytics, Java Development, DevOps, Security, and more. This makes us the perfect partner for those wanting to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our belief in the strength of partnerships is unwavering. Whether you’re seeking to expand your service offerings, enhance your market reach, or join forces with a reputable partner, 

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