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Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMB

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups for Success



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To create an entirely new type of business and market



Bring new technologies, products and services to market

Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMB

Are you an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea or a tech startup with ambitions to disrupt the market? Capella extends a unique invitation for entrepreneurs and tech startups like yours to embark on a collaborative journey toward innovation and success.

An alliance is a shared canvas where each stroke of collaboration paints a masterpiece of mutual success.

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Entrepreneurs & Startups

Be part of Capella for innovation, collaboration, and success.

Why Partner with Capella?

Nisum stands at the forefront of AI/ML, Data Analytics, Java Development, DevOps, and Security. Collaborate with us to access cutting-edge technology teams that can turn your vision into reality.

Capella Alliance is where innovation thrives. Partner with us to deliver tech-driven solutions that address your business challenges and pave the way for industry disruption.

We understand that startups need rapid growth. Nisum can help accelerate your path to success by providing the expertise and resources to scale your business.

Flexibility is key for startups. Capella Alliance offers adaptable collaboration models that suit your unique needs and stage of development.

Do You Have a Project to Deliver

Partner with Capella Alliance for Innovation & Success

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Automation

  • Blockchain

  • Business Agility

  • Cloud Migrations

  • Cloud Security

  • Code Refactoring

  • Customer experience

  • Customer loyalty

  • Digital commerce

  • Digital transformation

  • Fraud detection

  • Machine learning

  • Metaverse

  • Order Management Systems

  • Performance testing

  • Testing and automation

  • User Experience

What We Offer Entrepreneurs and Tech Startup?

Partner with Nisum’s technology teams to bring your innovative ideas to life. Access AI, data analytics, and more.

Our collaborative environment is designed to foster innovation and creativity. Join Capella Alliance and gain a competitive edge.

Capella Alliance can help you scale your business with the confidence that comes from a strong technology partner.

Engage in a two-way knowledge exchange. Share your industry expertise, and gain insights from our tech specialists. It’s a true collaboration where everyone benefits.

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Entrepreneurs & Startups

Discover opportunities, innovation, and growth in our collaborative alliance.

Flexible, Differentiated Benefit Offerings



  • Commission per deal¬†

  • Reward & risk sharing

Product Support

  • Dedicated teams

  • ¬†Knowledge sharing¬†

  • Technology partnerships¬†¬†

  • Online customer support


People Support

  • Partner account¬† Manager¬†

  • Client partner¬†

  • Client delivery head¬†

  • Quarterly business review¬†

  • Portal support

  • Learning & development¬†

  • Talent acquisition¬†

  • Mentoring¬†


Marketing Support

  • Brand toolkit¬†

  • Newsletters, announcements¬†

  • Partner publications¬†

  • Social media publications¬†

  • Events/Webinars¬†

  • Co-branding¬†

  • Joint campaigns¬†

  • Marketing automation



  • Project kickoff templates¬†

  • Stakeholder reporting templates

  • Review meeting templates¬†

  • Timelines templates

  • Customer recognition¬†¬†

  • Success story publication

  • Program management office

Partner Support

  • Partner account¬†

  • Access to partner portal¬†

  • Knowledge repository¬†¬†

  • Accelerators

  • Support service desk

  • Shared learnings

  • Trainings


Sales Support

  • Proposal, presentations templates¬†

  • Ready industry slide decks¬†

  • Access to the resource library

  • Deal registration¬†

  • Proposal submissions¬†

  • Subject matter experts¬†

  • POC development


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